Tewkesbury is steeped in history and heritage. You may already take advantage of the many events that happen each year: worship and concerts at the Abbey, July’s great Battle re-enactment, the Roses Theatre with its varied delights and so much more at the many venues we are lucky enough to enjoy. 

However, with 2021 being such a special year for our town, perhaps you would like to make your own contribution? There are many tried and tested ways that you can do this, but to help you along the way here are a few suggestions.

Why not Donate your Birthday? No-one likes to turn up empty-handed to a birthday party, even when the invitation says ‘no presents’! People may buy presents that you don’t really want, so why not ask them to make a donation Tewkesbury’s 2021 celebrations instead?

Perhaps you could Run or Walk for us? Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or a stroller through the park, why not organise a run or a walk to raise funds? Or maybe you’d rather Host an Event? You don’t need to organise a black tie ball to help! Think smaller, like A Cocktail Night. Invite your friends over for a fun night at home instead of going out!

Then again, you might prefer to invite your friends over for a Dinner Party, and ask them to donate what they would have paid had they gone out to a restaurant? Tea and Coffee Mornings are always popular too, with friends donating their drinks money instead of meeting at a cafe.

Book Clubs and Film Clubs always go down well, and are great opportunities to collect money. You can use whatever Talents You Have to raise money for 2021! Perhaps you can teach yoga or Pilates, paint a picture, give a talk or perform? Let us know what you would like to do, and we will do everything we can to make your event a success!