2021 will be a momentous year for Tewkesbury as the town celebrates the 900th anniversary of the consecration of its world-famous Abbey and commemorates the 550 th anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury, one of the most decisive battles of the Wars of the Roses.

2021 Tewkesbury Together has been conceived to inspire the community of Tewkesbury to become more engaged in its heritage, developing the town’s unique historical significance and helping it to attract increased social and economic benefits before, during and after 2021.

Many different groups are working hard to make Tewkesbury’s special year a huge success. Amongst them are Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, Tewkesbury Town and Borough councils, our Library and the Roses Theatre, as well as local businesses, schools and, of course, residents.

With people at the heart of our vision, we will embrace Tewkesbury’s heritage during 2021 with a year of fantastic historical, cultural and family celebrations, while welcoming visitors and attracting businesses to invest in our future prosperity.

Ahead of the big year we will be organising many different events, and asking you to be involved. We hope that your visit to our website will be the start of a great adventure between now and 2021, and we look forward to sharing it with you!